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The MANTRA DAO logotype is at the center of our brand and visual identity. To make sure that the brand identity is upheld and represented in the best way possible, the logo should always be presented and shown in a consistent way. The logo needs to be seen clearly in the highest available resolution, which you can download below. It should never be crowded or overlapped by other elements, the ratios should never be distorted or adjusted, and the white/black version used should be optimized based on the color of the background to make sure it has the best possible visibility and clarity.
Chakra Wheel
The word Chakra represents a wheel. It is seen as a focal point of light and time. The MANTRA DAO Chakra is our minimal brand expression that shines and represents the brand wherever it is displayed. With or without text and on light or dark backdrops, the Chakra can be shown.
OM Token
The OM token is the entrance key to the MANTRA DAO ecosystem. Just as "Om" is said at the beginning of every mantra, OM tokens are where the journey begins for our Sherpas. The OM token symbol is for the community to use and show wherever they wish to share about MANTRA DAO. The OM symbol represents MANTRA DAO as a whole and can be used and shared as another recognizable identity of MANTRA DAO in addition to the logoype and chakra wheel.
Our two main colors are the focus of our designs and interfaces, and bring a playful blend of bright and dark. While these are the most used colors of the brand, we have a constantly growing and developing color palette that we are using. As we continue to grow and expand, we plan to have more and more colors to better interact with our users and their preferences.
The primary MANTRA DAO typeface is Proxima Nova which is an open-source, clean, distinctive and legible typeface that is available in a variety of weights.